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Estate planning Tulsa is what we do. If you had to look at an executive set up your account you might abuse were to begin an easier and faster right now you really understand the probate clause 1st of all because the pro because one thing is very important to be able to keep the valid will valid. So if you do worry about your well-being and validated her by somebody who doesn’t like you and the family wants take what you have you definitely want to put this in place. It’s not only just people with well for the affluent it’s also for people who are middle-class because if you have any assets whatsoever they’re gonna go to every they decide him to go to.Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

You don’t want random people calling their self your cousins like on the movie secondhand Lions. You want to know that when you die your assets are gonna go to the right places you want them to. You don’t want your assets going to place you don’t want them in. That can be unearthing a lot of times when you have your family members going to a grievance like that the last thing we want to be doing is looking at whether to be able to do be all your money and stuff out to most times the money is not evenly the issue they’d rather have you back the money any day but it’s something they have to deal with. Now some people are just greedy and they care nothing about anything except the money and those people are crazy. Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

If you want to get help with the probate clause understanding the probate you want to come here because were to show you really how to deal with the probate and how the process is going to work. There has been improvement on it and there’s really a lot of tech technical aspects of it now creditors must be notified about legal notices and publish them. Executors are going to really be led on how to distribute your funds and things of that nature to the right people in the right account. That’s why it’s so important to have your executor put in place now.Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

If you do not have an executor you are going to be very sad because their executor is going to be the one license can do be at all the funds and put them to the right places and pay things off for you. That’s the biggest thing as the executor pays things off so if you have assets in the form of money and you need to take care of debt that you have they have to offset that debt with the assets you have so they can be caught up and not have those worries.

Call today at 918-528-6655 to make an appointment or go online to and see all the services we offer because you really want to be able to help you today. We love being your go to place for any estate planning that you may have. We love being able to offer all the services to you in one easy successful process.

If you want to find out more about the executor process and who is to be the executor on your assets you want to come here today. Most people way to the actually diet that becomes a mess. Their loved ones and that getting stuck with not only bills but a ton of assets that want to deal with. They get stuck with things that can end up costing them money. And on the way to put the map.Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

If you don’t want people fighting over your assets and not knowing whether to go you want to come here. The estate plan that we can offer you is absolutely uncanny. It can level your ability to be able to see the playing field completely and know where it you are going to go and where your step is gonna go once you gone. So please stop wasting time going to places that are can only try to dig deeper in your pockets come to a place you can help save your pockets and protect them. We want to be able to show you what we can do for you right now today so please come down and let’s help you now.Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

A petition to appoint a personal representative may be filed if the administration letters are not issue correctly because really whenever you don’t get the probate process done properly you can have people try to appeal it next we take the money so you can have people to say I you used to be his girlfriend and I feel like I would be adequate to be the executor on this account I don’t think that that will was even valid it was something that he wrote a long time ago and he’s not he can’t validate it. Well that’s not what you want you want to get it validated.Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

If you are sick and tired of doing it you don’t want to get deeper in your pocket to get money from you want to come to the best place to get honest help and that’s right here at Dr. Dru’s office dru Tate is the doctor that were speaking of here and she truly is a gem she has done everything that she can to be able to give back to the community here and fight for those who have been on her team they now thanks to her better understand trust which are very important.Estate planning Tulsa is what we do.

Trusts are so important because they allow the money to be protected so if you do not put your money into a standalone retirement trust whenever you pass on the IRA is going to be dipped into by creditors and whoever else feels free to dip in there. The biggest thing is is once your debt if you don’t have an executor and places to get for you people are gonna run over you and take your money and no reason to care. I see multiple times that the money will get a statement charges put on it and get sent right back to the state believe me folks that is not what you want. I have seen $50,000 $100,000 or more gone straight to the state when it was somebody’s money that they worked their entire life to save that seems absolutely wrong. Please give us a call now at 918-528-6655 or go to the wonderful website