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If you need help with any probate services you want to come right here because appropriate services going to going to court and validate whether or not the will that you have set in place is actually valid. If you have had trouble with your will being valid you want to come here. We can be of help you get to the Levee of the will settled first. Because it was someone to come and change the names. Because the fact is that if we don’t validate that will there can be petitions put in place to be able to appeal that will and distribute the estate as the appellant would see fit. So call us.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

If you have any questions you can always like I said give us a call with a to be up to talk you today and see how we can help you get those beneficiaries transferred of the will and help with the legal proceeding that wiggles a lot easier for you because of the technical aspect of what we do are absolutely astounding and it’s really those technical aspects in a little bitty pieces of work that we do behind the scenes that people take advantage of and don’t really understand that we do. So let’s take a few minutes to point that out.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

Homestead property which will follow a set of unique rules is stated that it cannot be separated. In many common law jurisdictions such as Canada jointly owned property passes automatically to the surviving joint owner. So that’s a big thing that if you have a spouse or somebody who is a joint holder in the estate while you are alive regardless of what you have in the will the estate is going to automatically go to the other person.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

So if you need to ask any questions you want to come right here to the best place to be ableto do and that’ website please look at it today we love you to have you check it out it’s a great website and great with you to be able to look at all the services we rendering her and see what it is we do.

When it comes to probate services we really feel that you would be happy coming here because we’re going to show you what it’s like to get real probate services done right. In a timely manner. We want to show you how we can get your whole process from start to finish with the will and the probate service altogether done right now we don’t want you having to wait forever to get the trust in the will all that figured out we want to get it done now. Give us a call today at 918-528-6655 or go

If you confused about what your legal status is you want to get the best place to be able to come find out what your legal status actually is right here.Dr. does the working for a number of years in the community now and she’s always really had a passion for having a career in helping people. She loves being able to get people exactly what they deserve and need when it comes to any type of court case. As an attorney herself she constantly strives to push herself to new limits. She truly loves the business that she’s in and want everyone to know that she is super excited about being able to serve you in the Tulsa area. So please if you have never had a chance to come down and see why she so passionate about her clients right here you to come out today. If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

Her passion is truly helping the client break down the issues first to figure out what the actual problem is where we need to be focusing our energy and time. We then go into crafting creative solutions to get rid of those problems get you back on your feet center. We also do an effective executive plan that’s put in place and agreed upon by both parties that way when we know that were sticking to a plan that everyone has consensus on where to make ourselves available to you as well. So if you phone call questions you can certainly cause any time.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

We stand behind our word and focus on trying to empower our clients by giving them the understanding of the actual case of that they see and hear and know the same things that we do as actual attorneys. If you want to get it and see how we can help you family faith and friendship be better than ever you want to come right here is working to get you back to home to your husband and you get to get everything you need right here.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

Now if you want a little bit more about the actual doctor here Dr. Drew she is really focused on faith family and friendship she met her husband Kyle in an undergraduate school at Northeastern State University. Which is NSU Intel Quad. They have an optometry business and there has been Kyle is very successful in that business in then pull. They had two precious babies. Lexi who is about 3 1/2 years old and Holly was about six months old are both outstanding children and really give her the passion that she needs to be able to keep going and drive her into the future for her business.

If you want to know why we simply adore the service that we get right here at the best place to get attorney help Dr. Drew you want to come right here because South County law is what we do we want to be able to do South County love for you right now so give us a call at 918-528-6655 you can also go our online to our