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If you want to come here today and see how we can get the best passionate service to you even faster you will come give us a call now. Were to be able to get you out of whatever trouble you’re in legally right here a lot easier than anyone else. Part of that is because we have so many bar memberships. We are part of the American Bar Association.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further. Also part of the Oklahoma Bar Association were also part of the Muscogee Creek nation Bar Association were also part of the Tulsa County Bar Association so we have hit above the mark every time with our education services that we offer and you can tell that by all the education services that we do offer. Jerry’s doctorate was one thing that we received here at the University of Tulsa College of Law as well as a B BA in political science at Northeastern State University.

If you are selling help you want to get my hitter that is real and can help you get better lawyer service were to help you get everything you need in one area. We have so many clients at a rate about the services they received or you can go online and check those the clients out you click on that Seymour testimonials tablets can take you see a ton more testimonials of clients of love the service they received right here with us at South County law and love the fact that we have continued to practice. If you’ve never had a chance to get he negated something in court. A If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

we loving it would offer these services to you at a discounted rate because we simply understand that we are the best it will be doing what you do know that. We loving it would offer lawyer services to this area because we want to be able to give them everything we need in one stop. We simply offer better services easier right here. If you had a love wanted to simply passed away and you’re not able to reconciliation the probate process for him so that you can have all of the assets be divvied out amongst the family.

We would offer some service is an area we just literally blow people away everything we offer here it’s amazing as being able to do this year in year out but we really do we offer the best service possible to those who need legal services up you need to come see us at our toss all that she be more than happy to see is right here 2488 E. 81st St. You can also come and see it in oak moldy we have a place there as well at 114 North Grand Ave. so please come and see is either one of those places we love to be able to be your answer for all your needs when it comes to legal help. Give us a call either at 918-528-6655 or go on a website to

If you need legal help from the best person to get legal help from in the Tulsa area you want to come right here. We have multiple locations whether an Tulsa Okmulgee were to give you everything you need under your one of those roofs. We specialize in doing things such as probate paperwork or will paperwork so if you had someone that has passed away in the family and they’ll have a will you may want to give us a call if you have had any problems trying to track down your lawyer give us a call as well is working to betrayed down realties please give us a call today and to help you.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

If you have never had a chance to come and see the great services that we offer here at South County law you really need to Dr. Drew is absolutely amazing. She has an organizational membership right here and the Tulsa title and probate lawyers Association is really just enthralled to have her here with us so please if you haven’t had a chance to be able to see how Dr. Drew can save your life today come in CS. You may have something that may be needs legal help will come here today were to be able to help you do that.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

You never had a chance to come in and see if they you going to do is working to be the services ever had. For to make sure that when you get the services rapidly amazed by them. Were going to make sure that you absolutely love getting law advice from us. I’m her to do that by just being organizationally correct in making sure that we stay on top of everything that needed in your case. We do anything from probate’s to guardianship cases. Whether you’re an adult looking to get guardianship of a minor or whether you’re looking to guardianship of an adult who may be impaired or something of that nature you want to come is working to help you do that easier and better right here I know some of the process of gardens you can be kind of a pain but you want to get right here for help.If you want to find estate planners in Tulsa look no further.

If you haven’t ever been to a legal office before and you want to see what it’s like you want to come right here to the number one was the South County law and if you want to look at that you need to look right here if you haven’t ever been here please come here today were to be able to give you all the experience that we’ve had in the past two years of being able to do law right here easier. Stop wasting time going to places that are gonna beat around the bus in the year to pay money to an than I ever get back in touch with you. Come to someone who’s gonna not only get back in touch with you but stay in touch with you so that you feel continually appreciated we want you to know that we are aware of your issues and what you need and we are going to our best to get those fulfilled. Please give us a call right now to make any kind of appointment you may need at 918-528-6655 or go to