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Archive for March 2019

Values-Based Estate Planning: What is an Ethical Will?

Estate Planning

Learn about Ethical Will An adequate Estate Plan often attempts to touch on every facet of an individual’s life, such as their property, family, and innermost wishes for how to take care of both after one’s passing. Now, there is a growing trend that also touches on the spiritual characteristics one may wish to impart…

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Will Contests and the Importance of an In Terrorem Clause

Will-Contests and the importance of Terrorem Clause

Learn more about Will Contests and The Importance of an In Terrorem Clause When contemplating one’s estate plan, it’s sometimes difficult to foresee any potential problems that can arise after you are deceased, whether it be the possibility of family drama, changes in the width and breadth of one’s estate, or the early death of…

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Duties of an Executor

Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of an Executor When an individual becomes an executor of an estate, a multitude of duties essential to the completion of probate and the ultimate distribution of the estate accompany the title. To a newly appointed executor new to the probate process, they may be unaware of the breadth of…

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5 Reasons for a Trust

There exist many estate planning vehicles one may use to distribute one’s estate to their chosen heirs. One of the most popular vehicles designed to carry one’s estate in such a way so as to avoid creditors and the tedious probate process is a trust. While typically more complex and expensive to enact, a trust…

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Family Law

Let Our Team Assist and Guide You Family Law encompasses a wide range of practice areas that generally yield some of the most emotionally charged and complex cases for attorneys and clients to experience. From Divorce to Guardianships to Probates, situations involving a family tragedy and issues among your loved ones, among other troubles, are…

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Native American Law

Native American Law Since 2011 Attorney Dru Tate has been practicing Native American law since 2011. She has probated hundreds of Native American estates and Indian land. Her Native American practice has taken her all over the state of Oklahoma, probating Estates in over a dozen counties. Native American law, particularly restricted Indian property and…

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Small Estate Affidavit

Attorney Dru Tate Can Help You Attorney, Dru Tate, has been doing small Estate affidavits since 2011 when she graduated from the Tulsa University College of Law. Dru can help you with all of your small estate needs. A small estate affidavit allows you to bypass having to do a probate, and helps you get…

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H.R. 2606

Know About H.R. 2606 Tribal law and the heritage and culture of Oklahoma’s many Tribes both play a crucial and decorated role in our state, from the importance of cultural heritage and traditions to debates surrounding sovereignty and matters of law regarding family, property, estate planning, guardianships, and many other facets of life where Oklahoma…

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Holographic Wills: What are they and are they a good option?

Know About Holographic Wills In the grand scheme of estate planning for the distribution of your estate after you have passed, there are multiple methods one can use based on the breadth of their estate and the circumstances of how one wants a distribution to go. One such method available to individuals in Oklahoma is a…

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Estate Planning To-Do List for 2019

Getting Organized In 2019 With the new year comes a new you, or so we aspire, with countless and varied resolutions and commitments to do better and be better than last year. However, as a firm experienced in estate planning, we encourage you to add a few important tasks to your resolutions that focus, not…

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