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Archive for April 2019

6 Ways to Avoid Probate After Death

Probate After Death

6 Ways to Avoid Probate After Death While there are multiple methods one may use to bypass the lengthy and convoluted probate process when the Decedent is still living, problems can arise if these steps are not in place after the Decedent has passed away. Gaining access to bank accounts, the rights to transfer real…

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How to Prepare for the First Appointment with Your Probate Attorney


Preparing For Your First Meeting With Your Probate Attorney When one is considering embarking on the legal journey to distribute a loved one’s estate, an attorney experienced in probate procedure is an essential guide to arrive at a favorable end to the process in a stress-free manner. Thus, to start this process, the first step…

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What is a Living Will and Why do I Need One?

Living Will

Understanding more about Living Will In the grand scheme of estate planning documents, a Living Will, or Advanced Healthcare Directive, is a fairly simple document that’s importance cannot be understated. A Living Will, while not technically a will, is a legal binding document stating one’s medical care and end-of-life preferences should they enter an irreversible,…

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