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Native American Law

The vast majority of our firm’s cases involve Native American law on some level as we handle various matters in state and tribal court involving Native American families and their lands. Between them, the two senior attorneys have upwards of twenty years combined legal experience handling Native American guardianships, divorces, paternities, custody and adoption of Native American children and a multitude of cases involving the probate, quiet title, determination of death and heirship, conveyance or partition of Restricted Indian Land or Trust Lands as well as the estate planning and will drafting specific to Native Americans and their Restricted or Trust Lands. It is extremely important to locate an attorney who specializes in and fully understands the parameters of dealing with Indian property. Our senior attorneys come highly recommended by the tribal nations in this corner of our state. Our firm has an appreciation and understanding of the cultural values of our clients from our years of experience handling Native American Law matters that several of our team members are in fact enrolled tribal members themselves. We take great pride in our strong ability to handle matters of Native American Law including but not limited to minor guardianships, adult guardianships, probate of Native American estates, estate planning for Native American citizens, adoptions, quiet title actions involving Restricted Indian Property, partitions and conveyances of Restricted Indian Property, and will drafting for Native Americans with Restricted Indian Property.


There are so many things happening legislatively that have major impacts on Indian Country including HB2606 and the removal of the ½ blood requirement for Restricted Indian Property to stay in a restricted status. Our attorneys are laser-focused on these issues and how they impact our clients and their families. Our attorneys have several contracts with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation allowing us a multitude of opportunities to help its citizens and the ability to stay up to speed on developments in Indian Country.


Click here to read more about HB2606 and how it may affect you and your family.

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