What We Do

…Why We Do It

We want our clients to have an overall positive experience with our firm.
Our clients are able to make informed decisions on the processing of their case and
receive favorable and speedy resolutions to their legal issue
so as to preserve their family's harmony, resources and their legacy.

Our Areas Of Practice Include

Preserving Your Legacy

Wills, trusts and general estate planning are a key focus of our firm! Our attorneys are able to craft plans to tailor fit our clients' needs to preserve the family's land, assets and the legacy they leave behind
Call today to set up your consultation with one of our skilled real estate attorneys and let's get started.  Peace of mind is one of the best gifts you can give to your family and yourself!
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Preserving Family Harmony

It may come as no surprise that rotting in anxiety, unforgiveness, hatred, and hostility can be hazardous to your health. Also, to the health of your family. We believe you are born to be courageous, bold and loving.
This is how we practice law. We are passionate about our client's well being. Moreover, the preservation, and pursuit of your family harmony.

Preserving Family Resources

The task of establishing a plan to preserve one's assets is one we take very seriously. We want to know everything about your property and your goals in passing those assets on for the benefit of your loved ones. It can be liquid assets, business interests, the family farm, Restricted Indian Land or Trust Property.
Let's face it, far too often we procrastinate on initiating this project and put it off until sometimes, it's too late Frequently, the time our clients declare that this was so much easier than they had anticipated; that the process of planning and preserving the family resources was a pleasant experience and that a burden has been lifted! That's what we strive for!
Let this be the year our real estate attorneys conquer this project together.

What our Clients are saying

“When my husband passed away I had so many questions. Dru was so helpful during that time. She helped me settle my husband’s estate. Moreover, she created a personal estate plan of my own that I could have peace of mind knowing that my affairs were in order for my children. She was so kind and easy to work with throughout the entire process. She took what seemed like an overwhelming task. And made my experience very pleasant even in a time of great sadness.”

-Claudette P.

“After retiring we moved to Oklahoma to be near children and grandchildren. After our move, we were so concerned about getting our financial affairs in order. Dru was very helpful. She provided us with the legal expertise to do that by assisting us in creating a family trust. We now feel confident that our wishes with regard to our estate will be exactly as our exact wishes. It was a pleasure working with Dru and other real estate attorneys. We look forward to her assistance in the future.”

Larry and Kettisha A.

"South County Law Firm has handled several things for me and my family over the years. Dru has been so great to work with. There were several times where she went above and beyond to get things processed for us in an expedited manner. The judge and the court staff in the county of our particular case seemed to be very impressed with her as well. She has always been so professional yet easy to talk to and work with. Thank you, Dru and other real estate attorneys. I'm glad to have her number for any legal issue or question I may ever have!!"

Shawn P.

"I didn't realize how important a Will and Powers Of Attorney are. When my mom got sick I carried her estate planning binder around like it was my Bible. I felt prepared to have all of her last wishes right there. It really helped me through that very difficult time. Thank you Dru and her team; real estate attorneys"

-Brenda W