Native American Law Since 2011

Attorney Dru Tate has been practicing Native American law since 2011. She has probated hundreds of Native American estates and Indian land. Her Native American practice has taken her all over the state of Oklahoma, probating Estates in over a dozen counties.

Native American law, particularly restricted Indian property and Native American family law, has been of great interest to Dru since she graduated from the Tulsa University College of Law. Growing up in Indian country and spending time as a child on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico, Native American law has always been intriguing area of law to study. Dru Tate has an extensive background probating estates of Native Americans and probating restricted Indian property. She is also familiar with the probate process for Osage head rights and Indian trust property. Dru has given presentations on the topic of Native American law and restricted Indian property as well as Native American probates and estate planning for Native Americans. She has helped hundreds of Native American families solidified their estate planning to ensure that their restricted Indian property is protected once they passed away.

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If you are looking for an attorney that has an extensive knowledge of Native American law and the nuances of restricted Indian property, you will find that Ms. Tate has the experience and the knowledge to help you protect your assets. Whether you are beginning the process of preparing your will or creating an overall estate plan or whether you are having to probate in the state of a Native American where restricted property may be involved, Dru Tate has the experience to give you the peace of mind that your Estate plan for probate in the state of a Native American involving restricted Indian property, is done correctly and thoroughly.