No one desires to be in the middle of Probate, but when it happens, make a wise decision regarding your legal representation.

PROBATE- What is it?

When someone has a last will and testament and they die, the court will then be responsible for proving the authenticity of the will. If there is not a last will and testament, then probate court will decide an administrator, identify the heirs to the Decedent, and distribute the assets in question. If you have a bank account with a balance of $50,000 or more and/or land in your name and do not have a trust with a named heir, your assets will then go into probate after death to have the heirs decided for you.

Why does it seem scary?

It seems scary because, really it can be if you do not have an established and well-versed attorney on your side. Probate is never a desired outcome for your heirs, nor is it a desired outcome for your legacy after death. If you have been researching options for your assets after death, we suggest you look into developing an estate plan for yourself and your family. If you are a family member of a recently deceased person and you feel you are entitled to their assets, give us a call today to schedule a consultation and get the process started. We would love to help you during this difficult time so that you and your family can move forward.


If you have been reading all things probate and you’re terrified as to what you can do to keep this from happening to your heirs, let us give you a simple and to-the-point answer to the question- CALL US! This is such an easy solution and one that can be made and handled. In as little as a month (or even less), you can relax and feel confident knowing that your assets as well as your medical and financial well-being will be taken care of when you can no longer take care of them yourself. An Estate Plan will tell your money and assets where to go when you die and show your selection of a Power of Attorney for both financial and medical decisions and we just can’t stress enough about how simple this process truly is! For more information, visit our ESTATE PLAN page to get in-depth information on what an Estate Plan is and how it can help you and your family. Don’t go another day worrying about the future. Let our seasoned estate planning and probate attorneys help you create a peace of mind that only comes from a well-planned estate plan. Contact us today!

Maybe you are here because someone has told you that you need probate. Probate can be a smooth and fairly painless process. When a person passes owning real estate titled in their name only, probate is needed in order to pass title to that property to the rightful heirs. Our firm handles simple to complex and highly litigated probates. No matter the size of the estate, please schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys to assess the true nature of the ownership and title to the property. It may also be the case that we can assist the family with a small estate affidavit in lieu of full probate. Our experienced and personable attorneys are absolutely committed to easing the burdens of settling an estate and we are honored to serve your family during these difficult times.

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